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Introducing Our Newest Veterinary Blood Pressure Device



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petMAPg II Provides:

  • Proven petMAP BP technology with PPO (PetMAP Proprietary Optimizations). Species and cuff site settings to improve accuracy.

  • Easy to use “no menu” touch screen display

  • Real-time display of oscillometric “envelope”

  • Selectable BP cycle times for measurement reminders

  • Tabular display of readings

  • Graphic display of last 45 readings and NSV (Nominal Session Value)

  • SD memory card to record all BP/HR values and "power off" screen image

  • AC/DC Adapter option for wall power

  • Optional pole mount and cover

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Blood Pressure Range


Heart Rate Range:


Systolic BP: 40 - 265 mmHg
MAP:            30 - 200 mmHg  
Diastolic BP: 25 - 195 mmHg
40 - 240 bpm

5.97”H x 3.15”W x 1.26”D
1 lb (with batteries)
Four AA Alkaline (installed)


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