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Veterinary Monitor that is truly portable is now available.  The new petMAP+ veterinary monitor measures blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation and temperature. 
PetMAP+ is a handheld veterinary monitoring device. 

petMAP Blood Pressure Measurement Device for Animals quickly and easily measures cats' blood pressures and dogs' blood pressures. 
With petMAP, you can take animal blood pressures routinely, quickly and more easily.  Designed for cats and dogs, petMAP measures heart rate and blood pressure with improved correlation to intra-arterial pressures using PPO (petMAP Proprietary Optimizations). Battery operated, petMAP can be used practically anywhere. 

Compare petMAP classic and petMAP graphic to other animal blood pressure devices. 
The petMAP offers major advantages over previous veterinary blood pressure (BP) measuring devices and methods. It is small, fits comfortably in the hand, is quiet (so the animal remains calmer and less stressed, enhancing accuracy), and can be carried easily in a pocket. The sensitivity of petMAP permits BP measurement in cats and dogs, as well as in larger and smaller animals. The
accompanying CritterCuffs™ are specifically designed to be soft for animal comfort, and sensitive to enhance measurement accuracy.
Download the petMAP blood pressure system operator's manuals for both petMAP classic and petMAP graphic.
The petMAP operator's manuals are very detailed and give an in depth description on how to measure blood pressure on animals using petMAP.  A manual is available for each petMAP model (classic and graphic) and can be viewed on line or downloaded. 

View petMAP graphic's features and benefits of using it to measure blood pressure on animals. 
petMAP utilizes the oscillometric method which simplifies the measurement of blood pressure in companion animals. petMAP measures all of the blood pressure parameters (systolic, diastolic, mean arterial pressure, and heart rate), enabling accurate diagnosis and management of hypertension.

petMAP comes in two models, classic and graphic.
petMAP is a battery powered veterinary blood pressure measuring device which has been optimized for accuracy through correlation to intra-arterial BP measurements in dogs and cats at three different cuff sites. 
The petMAP graphic's integral screen displays the oscillation amplitudes during a determination, providing the user the ability to visually assess the quality of each reading (no computer needed.   There’s no clipping, gel, transducers or noise as with Dopplers.

Orders for the petMAP animal blood pressure measurement device can be placed over the phone or by faxing in an order form.

Start to measure animal blood pressure more quickly now.  Order a petMAP by printing our order form and faxing it in, or by calling the Customer Service department.

Read frequently asked questions about measuring blood pressure on cats and dogs with petMAP.
Common questions about animal blood pressure measurement and what can be expected from cats and dogs during a measurement  session using petMAP are answered.

petMAP will quickly pay for itself.  Find out how many animal blood pressures you have to measure before yours does. 
Blood pressure is not typically a part of routine  screenings at vet's offices.  Most clinics charge an additional fee to measure the blood pressure of an animal.  Our ROI form allows you to see just how quickly you could recover the cost of your petMAP and begin to generate revenue.

Blood pressure measurement on animals can be hassle free.  See what some of our customers have said. 
Customers have been using petMAP to measure blood pressure on animals since 2005.  See the comments that some petMAP users have shared with us.

Helpful hints to get the best blood pressure reading on cats and dogs.
Even with petMAP, taking blood pressure measurement on animals can sometimes be challenging.  Our BP basics section gives pointers on what occasionally can be expected from patients and the best way to manage a difficult animal.

Links to websites explaining the importance of measuring blood pressure on animals.
There are many resources online about animal blood pressure, the causes, symptoms, treatments, etc.  We have gathered some links for cat blood pressures and dog blood pressures.

petMAP is a risk free purchase.  Every purchase has a hassle free money back guarantee.
Purchase a petMAP blood pressure measurement device for animals and you will have 30 days to evaluate it.  If within 30 days you are not satisfied, you can return it for refund.

Measuring blood pressure on cats and dogs is easier with petMAP graphic.  Follow the steps in the petMAP graphic inservice.
petMAP graphic is easy to use.  We have posted a detailed inservice that walks you through all the steps required to use the device.     

View our petMAP classic training video.  It's filled with tips on how to help ensure a accurate blood pressure reading on animals.  
Measuring an animals blood pressure can be tricky.  The petMAP classic training video gives an in-depth demonstration of how to use petMAP classic.  The techniques showed in the video can also be helpful for new petMAP graphic videos. 

View the outcomes of an animal blood pressure study using petMAP and other common devices used.
Abstracts of an accuracy study performed at Ohio State University show that petMAP correlates well with intra-arterial pressure.  The study is also comparing Doppler, Dinamap and Cardell to intra-arterial pressure.

Find out the latest news on the petMAP animal blood pressure measurement device.
All new information about the petMAP blood pressure measurement device for animals is posted.  Find out about any new accessories, upgrades or products that become available.

Questions about petMAP? 
Contact us by phone or email.  We are available to answer any of you petMAP or animal blood pressure questions. 

Find out about the company behind petMAP.
Ramsey Medical, Inc. is the  developer of petMAP, an innovative device for BP measurement in companion animals, and released it in 2005.  CardioCommand serves as a manufacturing services provider and distributor for Ramsey Medical, Inc.  As such, the Company manufactures, services and sells petMAP.


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